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Hi Folks,


I attended my visa today at Vancouver and everything went well i was able to answer all the questions VO was looking from me  but got stuck with PIMS issues.Even before i was attending the interview i asked my employer to update in PIMS but,he said that there no such procedure as per USCIS it will take 60 days once after H1 is approved .MY case I had an interview scheduled in Calgary on jun 21 but dude to floods it got cancelled and i had an expedited appointment in Vancouver



V.O : Checking at my Ds -160 you work for XXX Inc right ?

 me : Yes

V.O : how many employees does your company has

me : XXX

 V O : what do you do ?

,me : iam a XXXX

V.O : How many years with your employer ?

me : XXX years

V.O : DO you work at your employers place?

me : No sir i work at a client of my employer.

V.o : Who is the client ?

me : XXXX company

V.O : Do you have any proof of residence?

Me : No,i said i moved in recently to new place.

V.O : do you have any letter from client ?

me : yes sir.

V.O : Can you please show me?

me : gave the letter

V.O : How much is the salary ?


V.O can i see your pay checks?

me : gave them

V.O : why there is a increase in this month ?

me : I had immediate Client deliverable project with an unplanned change .so i need to work over time.

V.O : did you do your masters in US ?

me : Yes sir

V.O what is Major?

me : i said MSEE

V.O: how is this related your job ?

me : explained athat i had all server related credits in my graduate and so..

V.O :when did you complete your masters?

me XXXx

V.O : have you ever been unplaced?

me : no 



V.O :gave all my paystubs and client letter and took my passport and said that i don't see updated information in PIMS .took my old i797 and new i797 as i recently amended my petition.


me : Is there any process i can do for PIMS update.


V.O : NO we will update the information and let you know 

me : Thank you


V.O :Other than that you are Good to go .


she gave me a stamp like thing to track passport and other than that i didn't give any other slips(white,blue,pink)


What iam thinking  is in the stamp like thing it says nothing like approved or denied just passport pickup location as my case is transfer case i didin't have an option for loomis.


people in similar case please let me know what needs to be done .



















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Hi Srip2003


I had my interview in 17th June at Toronto it went well she asked couple of question No PIMS update no 221g,din't ask single document on 21st i got email to submit my Client letter, pay slips etc.


Did VO say any time-frame for approval?  

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you are actually good. Just it takes one extra day to get PIMS update and you have nothing to do with it.


Mean while keep checking the below websites. (Dont get scare if you see admin processing in it. It just remains for few hours before it says issued)




and check you loomis information here


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Thanks for your reply .Onething i forgot to say in stamp like thing she gave me the information to pickup my passport was wed 2:15 will that be a fixed date or will it be extended.Is there any chance of requesting docs.




VO clearly looked into my paystubs and client letter during the interview frame only and she entered into system something .

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I have my appointment scheduled for July 2nd week, i don't know if the consulate office will be open by that time.


How you came to know that the office is closed, did they contact you to reschedule the appointment?


Your response will help me a lot. Please, let me know how you expedited and transfered your appointment to vancouver.



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Thanks for your reply .Onething i forgot to say in stamp like thing she gave me the information to pickup my passport was wed 2:15 will that be a fixed date or will it be extended.Is there any chance of requesting docs.


your case looks little different, My guess is you could have given Loomis at Calgary but as you attended in Vancouver they told you to come and pick. I believe you should be on right time what ever they mentioned. (One of my friend has opted to pick passport at Consulate instead of Loomis and he picked it on the time which VO mentioned )

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They sent me an email stating that "Office is closed and all appointments have been cancelled pl.we are not sure when the office will be open ,try to raise an expedited request to Vancouver or nearby  consulate and if they approve you can attend the interview".


Once after i sent an email to VancouverNIv.gov they replied back in an hour and gave the slot for monday morning.


Our case is different as the situation is totally unexpected and the only option was to raise an expedited request but,i suggest you to send an email to calgary consulate and check with them if they still have issues.I think by next week everything should be normal.





Srikanth Pagidi

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