can i apply b2 for kid - not able to add in i485

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You can try. Maybe you will get an sympathetic officer who will do it for you. Most likely, you will have to file for consular processing for your child after your petition is approved. It's not clear if you will be able to provide status for your child before that happens.

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i and my wife were on EAD..kid born in India.

cant add to her to our i485 applcation until it becomes current again.

what options do i have to bring my kid to US..

can i  bring her on B1/b2 visa..

will it complicate our GC process


A B2 does not allow immigration intent. Rather unlikely for a small child when the parents have immigration intent.

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Vendy 9999 - Sorry for the unfortunate situation the the kid has to go through to be away from the parents. As far as I know you cannot file B1/B2 visa just to bring the kid to US , but will not be able to file AOS while the  kid is in the US , for the GC you might have to still do Consular processing from India as B1/B2 status dual intent violation does not allow it in US.

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