Form I-134 clarification


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Hope everyone is doing good!!


I'm planning to sponsor my in-laws for their B1/B2 visitor visa. I have couple of questions…


1)      When filling Form I-134, do I need to sign or give initial at the end of below section?


I acknowledge that I have read "Sponsor and Alien Liability" on Page 2 of the instructions for this form, and am aware of my responsibilities as a sponsor under the Social Security Act, as amended, and the Food Stamp Act, as amended. ___________




2)      Do I need to notarize this Form I-134? If so, in which area of the Form I-134 should be notarized?




Thanks inadvance!!

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Thanks for your quick response!!
1) I thought scanned is not enough and needs to send the original one by post/courier.

In point # 1, there is ______ space to fill at the end. Is there anything that we need to fill or leave blank? Pls confirm me these two things.

2) Got it.

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