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H4 Visa stamping at Chennai- Issued Pink slip

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        Me and my daughter went for H4 Visa stamping on May 24th 2013 at Chennai Consulate. We were living in LA and had come to India for vacation. We got a pink slip saying our application is pending for admin processing.  We are regularly checking the website to see whether there is any status update. Unfortunately, it is still in the Pending process. My husband is still in Los Angeles. We are living in uncertainty without knowing what is the status of our case.  Is there any way to know what is the status of our case and how long will it take?
   The consular officer only asked me three questions:
  1.Where are you going to US? For which I replied, I live in Los Angeles and came for vacation.
  2. Where does your husband work? I said he works in Directv. Then she asked whether Directv is the petitioner. I said yes.
  3. When did you get married? I told her the day we got married.
  Then, I was told to go to counter 31 and there they asked me:
 1. Are you working? I said I was working 4 and half years ago.
 2. Which countries I visited?

 3. About my siblings.
 4. My height


Its been 4 weeks now and still no change in status. Yesterday, I sent mail to all the US embassies in India. Mumbai consulate replied that it is still in admin processing. Can anybody pls advise on what to do next?

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There is a number to call chennai consulate directly between 9 to 10 am mon-fri . 044-28574143.

You can call them and check the status of your case.

Keep calling them and tracking your case. 


Hope this helps. Good luck!

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I called up this number today and instead of the 4-8 weeks processing time, they said it will take 8-12 weeks. I am going mad. I am not able to enjoy my vacation because of this reason. I am getting irritated thinking that I should never have come this time.

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Hi Fathima,


I know. I am going thro the same thing.. I am stuck up here with my kid and so worried when I will be able to go back and join my hubz.. Even I am thinking that I should have never come here for vacation.

I am going to go for H4 now after my H1 refusal..  loosing my sleep over this..

But lets keep in prayers. Keep me posted on your outcome.

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I dont want to say numbers and make u feel more irritable. :)


Couple of m frnds had the background check because of their name and place of stay. But they went through clear in about 6 weeks.. 

So dont worry.. background check would clear up soon.. and u will fly back.. good luck!!

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Good luck to you too Guna...when they asked you 'where you are going to US'. did you just say the name of the place only. I said I live in LA. I feel maybe because of that I got a pink slip. I don't know what went wrong.

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Hi All,

I too have attended for H4 Visa interview at chennai consulate on 31stMay, and unfortunately got the pink slip. Its almost 5 weeks now, but yet to get any update from US Consulate, as still showing pending processing in the website. Is anyone of yours got cleared ? Plz mention how much time it took if got cleared ?

As I have some important job assignment to take I need to travel to some other country and can not wait more than 2 weeks from now. In that case I might need to withdraw my H4 Visa application. Does anyone have any idea whats is the procedure to withdraw the H4 Visa application at Chennai US Consulate.

I request anyone who can help me in this regard, as it is very urgent to me.

Thanks in advance.

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I am so sorry to hear that. For me, it is 6 weeks already. I have booked return tickets for next monday. I am still waiting. Try calling in the chennai consulate number given in one of the above posts. May be you might get an answer on how to withdraw the application. Have they collected your passport?

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Hi Fatima,

Thanks for the reply. Yes, they have collected my passport.I got the reply from US Service desk that in order to withdraw your passport/visa application, I need to submit a written request at any of the VAC / VFS centers stating that I want to withdraw my passport/visa application, supporting the reason behind it. Then my request will be submitted to the Embassy or Consulate. But they did not mention the time taken for this process, and again its upto the consulate to decide that.

Please do let me know through this forum whenever your visa got cleared, as I hope it will be cleared by this week.


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It has been 60 days already and I sent a mail as mentioned in the pink slip to chennaiadmin@state.gov. They replied me back



Dear Sir / Madam,


Thank you for contacting us, however your case is still pending administrative processing. We cannot issue a visa prior to completion of the administrative process, nor can this process be expedited or waived for any applicant. Unfortunately we cannot give you any specific timelines in which the processing will be completed. We understand that this can impact you as well as your family and business associates. We are continuously working to minimize processing times. Please continue to look at http://chennai.usconsulate.gov/221g-administrative-processing.html  for the most up to date information regarding your case.


Thank you for your understanding and co operation.


Chennai, Admin

Consulate General of the United States of America

Chennai - 600 006

Phone: 91-44-28574242/28574000

Email: ChennaiAdmin@state.gov     



I am really confused. I hoped that they would reply me back saying that they would get in touch with the concerned authorities. If I really wanted to know my status, I just have to check it online.

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Sorry to know about this, hope you get your visa by now. If they have not asked for additional documents, then probably they may be still validating the documents.But no idea why taking that much time.

Anyways, just fyi I got my visa issued last week, and travelling this week. Hope you too will get it soon. best of luck.

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Congrats Fathimazishan...I know it is very irritable going through these hassles esp with Family...But in the end happy that everything ended up well...I will be appearing for H1 & my wife for H4 in Oct 2013...Hoping for the best...

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Hi Guys


I and my wife attended visa stamping together on 9th December2013 in Chennai

my Visa was approved but her is still in administrative processing


question to me:

1. which company

2. hwich client


questions to my wife

since how long u married : 1 and a half month

love or arranged ; love

how many people attended : 250

highest qualification : MBA human resource


and the the officer said congrates your visa is approved but your wife's visa will take sometime,

I asked her if there is any specific reason , she just said it will take sometime


Why was my wife's visa not approved , when i see the status it says "Admin Processing " , she was not even given a pink slip

Please help , it been 45 days up no updstes as yet



Syed SS

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