Salary on I-140 = Current Salary 75% more than Offer Salary in PERM


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I am porting from EB3 to EB2 and on my new PERM application somehow lawyer put offer salary that was way lower than my current salary and on I-140 my empoyer is putting correct salary which is 75% more than salary in PERM. The PERM salary was still above DOL prevailing wage. 

for example,

DOL prevailing wage =100 K /Yr

PERM offer wage = 105 K /Yr

140 Offer wage=Current wages =175 K /Yr

as per various discussions in forums higher salary than PERM  or PW is not problem as long as Employer can show ability to pay PW  salary till I get GC. I am not sure but I am taking chance and applying I 140 with current salary


Any expert comments ?


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