Regular H1B while working for H1B cap exempted employer


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  I am currently waiting for OPT extension approval while working at an H1B cap exempted company ( non-profit organization).

  My employer is willing to file the cap-exempted H1B, however I realized that the cap-exempted H1B is non-transferable to a for-profit organization.

  So my questions are :

  1.  If I file for my cap-exempted H1B right now (July 2013), will I be able to apply for a non-exempted H1B next year (April 2014) ?
  2.  I still haven't received the decision on my OPT extension yet, so can I still file for the cap-exempted H1B ?
  3.  Can I file for a non-exempted H1B next year while continuing to work for my current emplyer (non-profit ) while on OPT extension ?
  4.  Is there any away for a cap-exempted H1B to be transferred to a non-exempted H1B ?



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