Question on name correction on EAD card.


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Hi All,


I have a question regarding name correction on my EAD. I hope you can answer this for me.


I have applied for my EAD renewal on 04/15/2013, I have got my approved EAD card on 06/19/2013. But my name is printed wrong on the card. last name is misspelled and there is no first name printed on the card.


I called USCIS and they said they will look into this matter and get back to me in 60 days. My Question which they did not answer is,


Do I need to send the application again for the name correction by selecting replacement card option? If so shall I have to include the fee for the application or they will process the application for free of cost?


As my current EAD expires August 13 Please send me a reply as soon as possible so the i will take an action.


I very much appreciate your help in this matter.


Thank you very much in advance,


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just for others information.


Typos in approval notices / cards and other documents may be corrected by contacting the USCIS and following up with them if the underlying petition / application was submitted properly and it was a USCIS error.



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