Incorrect data in petition.. RFE Question.. Worried !!!!


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Hi All,


    I am currently in India and I have applied for H1b Cap exempt for the unused 14 months on my H1b petition.

When specifying the entry and exit dates of US (vacation period), I incorrectly mentioned for one of the dates(i.e) actual exit from US date is 13th August but i had mentioned 14th August and this is how my petition is filed.


Now I have got an RFE requesting for additional documents for the days i have spent outside the USA. After getting a copy of my travel tickets from my travel desk(as a proof for my stay outside of USA as i don't have a copy of my I94s with me) i found that i have mentioned one of the dates incorrectly ( as above). I am thinking of sending them the correct dates this time along with the travel Itinerary.


I am really worried if this is going to be reason for rejecting my H1B transfer.....are there chances for them to reject my H1B transfer for this reason...Please help !! i am really tensed now... 


It will be great if somebody can share their experience or advise on the below.



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