H1 Visa Stamping - Client Letter time frame


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I am planning to go for H1-B Visa Stamping to Hyderabad in July. I went through the Visa site and I qualify for the Drop Box program since I have not changed my Employer from previous stamping. 

I am in the process of collecting all the documents required and as the Client Letter is the most important document, I have requested my client and as my current project is until end of 2013. So the Client will provide me with a the client letter until Dec 2013. As the time from July 2013 to Dec 2013 is only 6 Months and the H1-B Visa validity is for 3 years based on this I wanted to know if there is any constraint that the Client Letter needs to be more than a Year or is it OK to have a 6 months Client letter. 


Please advise. 

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Thank Omshiv for your response. 


I didn't wanted to force the Client to give provide me more than 6 months. Though as I will be getting the Client Letter for only 6 months I wanted to know if I can get a my Visa Stamped without any issues with the documentation I have. If not I may need to check with my employer. 

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