Hyderabad - Drop box/IWP experience - successful visa stamping


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I had my H1B renewed by using drop box.


Submitted documents at the drop box location in Hyderabad on Monday 10th June and I got an email that my passport is ready for pickup on Friday 14th june.

Collected my documents today.



This is in Gowra Grand plaza (sec'bad) - very close to the consulate in Hyderabad.

502, Gowra Grand, S.P. Road, Begumpet, Secunderabad - 500003.


If you qualify for IWP/Dropbox, you don't need an appointment. I chose to go in the morning around 9:30 AM. There was a queue and tokens were given to wait. Different kind of counters were dealing different types - passport collection, finger prints, first time applicants, drop box etc.





You need to know which documents to submit for your category of visa. Do not expect that people who collect the documents know which documents to collect. We need to know what to submit. They will not know. (At the dropbox location)


I submitted my passport, copy of I797, copy of LCA, copy of I129, copies of pay slips, printout that we take from **********.com


For the picture that we need to submit (DS 160) – make sure your both ears are seen in your picture and the hair isn’t covering the ears J.


Make sure you carry some change when you go to the location where you submit the documents.

They needed some Rs.6 – Rs.10 change to take a Xerox copy of the form that they make us fill out there.


For collecting your documents, you need to show an ID proof - copy of your passport will do.

(Other option is to have your documents/passport delivered to you through courier)

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I am eligible for IWP. I work full time directly for employer. I have been working for the same employer from 2010. My H1 started from september 2010. In 2011, I got H1b stamping from hyderabad. I received H1 extension in september 2013. 
I am planning to use dropbox. Have you submitted old and new I129, LCA and I 797 documents? 
I am confused with the list of documents that we need to submit to the dropbox. 
Do I need to submit I129, LCA and I797 from my first H1 along with new 129, LCA and I797 of recent H1 extension?

Please let me know. 


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