H1B visa will September 30, 2013 but I-797 valid until 07/31/2014.


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H1B visa will be expiring this September 30, 2013; Nonetheless, my H1b authorization(I-797 A) is valid until 07/31/2014.Please help with the following questions please:


a) When I travel outside Us in December 2013, then I would need to go for stamping again in January before re-entering : In this case when I go for stamping consulate will see that my I797 will expire in 6 months (Jan 2014  - July 31 2014), so can it be an issue considering that I797 is only valid for 6 months. Does US consulate even provide 6 months H1 visa stamp?


b) Can I just go to Canada Toronto to get the visa stamp instead of waiting until December to go back home? I am from India and usually go there in December.


Thanks - any input is greatly appreciated.

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