Consecutive visits to USA on B2 VISA - What should be the Gap (interval) time between travels...??


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I've 2 questions related to B2 - Visitor's VISA.


1. My Parents are coming next week to USA and planning to Stay for 2 months. They are going back to India (because of some personal matter) by August end and again plannig to come back after 2 months (possibly by Nov 1st week).


But I've heard recently from someone, that between 2 consecutive entry to USA on B2 VISA, a minimum of 6 months of gap period is necessary. But, I want to double ceck with you guys and seek for your expert advise. What is exact rule for consecutive travel to USA in B2 VISA..??



2. I've sponsered my Parent's B2 - Visitor's VISA and they have got approval for 10 years. In case, I travel outside USA, will my Parents still be allowed to come to USA on B2 (since the VISA is already been approved)..??


Even, my brother is here in USA and he is ready to sponser if needed..? What we are supposed to do in this case..? Will my brother provide all his documentations which my Parents can carry along with them and present at Port of Entry if any enquiry would be there..??



Please Suggest.

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