How many years I can stay in USA for my case?


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Please help me to clarify the below.

My current H1 visa is valid until September 2015. I want to know how many years I can continuously stay in USA without filing the GC and applying only with extensions.

 I have made the below US travels and I'm in an assumption that my 6 years clock got reset between trip 3 & trip 4. I'm assuming I can stay stay around 3 and half years without applying GC,but some of my co-workerS are  telling clock reset may not apply if you are on the same petition even though we have 1 year gap. Please clarify me on this.



trip1.          3 months          17-Feb-07     15-May-07       B1
trip2.          3 months          30-Jun-07     29-Sep-07       B1
trip3.          11 months     13-Jan-08     14-Dec-08       L1      P#wac0105851548

              ---------------15 months stayed in india--------------------

trip4.          11 months       14-Mar-10       14-Feb-11       L1      travelled with old L1 visa(P#wac0105851548) which expired 03 dec 2010 and filed extention upto 03 dec 2012 (new  P#eac1104050681)

trip5.          2 months          23-May-11       14-Jul-11       L1      P#eac1104050681
trip6.          3 months          11-Feb-12       29-Apr-12       L1      P#eac1104050681
trip7.          13 months        20-May-12       STILL IN USA    Entered with L1 .Converted L1 to H1 on 12/26/2012       traveled with L1 visa(P#eac1104050681) which expired 03 dec 2012 and converted L to H

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Me too having the same question, I got conflicting information on 6 yrs clock reset.



My h1 approved in 2007, valid from Oct 2007 to sept 2010


I got stamping in Aug 2008


trip 1   5 months                   sept 30-2008 to feb-28-2008

trip 2   38 months                 apr  20-2010 to  jun-2013.


I was under impression that i have still 2 years, but some of my co workers say that is not the case, my visa expires in sept 2013.  I did not applied GC so far.


Do i have another 2 years for another extension ?


If Not what are the options left to applie for GC ?  I have only 3 months left on current visa.

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