H1 Transfer Denied, going for Consular Processing - What to Expect?


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Hello Friends and Experts,

I am in a catch 22 situation and need your help in going for a Visa Interview, below is my case in brief:

1. I was working with Employer A for 3 years and I was on F1 before that. Employer A applied for my H1B and I have a Stamping as well. In last week october, I had to go to India for my wedding and I quit then job with the client. I have told my employer that I will be back by mid of Jan.

2. On second week of January, I flew back to the country and was not stopped at the port of entry probably because their systems did not update.

3. While I was out of country, Employer A claims that he has terminated my H1-B, without informing me. But I have no valid evidence to deny that so I assume it is denied. 2 weeks later, on Feb 7th I was told about the H1 termination and I immediately filed my H1 transfer with Employer B under premium processing.

5. I have started working since then for a Client in mid west. So my Case was sent to California Center.

6. Received an RFE and ultimately Petition and Extension both got denied indicating that my documents failed to prove my work. We did not include the client letter and that is the reason. Did not file for MTR here.

7. Then applied with Employer C, same client, and with all the documents necessary for Consular Processing in Chennai.

That was the entire case, can you guys please advise what kind of questions to expect, what documents additionally needed or what I should know more before going for the interview?

This is a tough case, but someone somewhere should have had a situation like this and got H1 stamped ultimately.. Can you experts, please, give me some suggestions?

Duly appreciate all your help guys!

Best Regards

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