RFE on H1B application about University Accredition


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Hi All,


I did my first Master's at an un-accredited University and now I am pursuing another Master's at an Accredited university .

I applied for H1B for this year april 2013 in Masters quota, but i got a RFE from the USCIS saying they did not find my first school as accrediated in their database, so they asked me to send the proof of accrediation of the university at the time of my graduation


Is there any way to respond to this RFE and what other options can you suggest

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Your H1 will get denied. It is THAT simple.

A "degree" from an unaccredited, fake institution can not be used for anything.

You wasted your time and money.

And does the employer have a lawyer? Any good lawyer would have told you to forget that fake degree.

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