H1 Approved -- Visa Stamping Confused?


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I am on my OPT (STEM) recently got H1b approved and will start on Oct 1st, Is there any chance to go to VISA stamping before Oct 1st or I have to wait and go after oct 1st.



Please advise.




Hi Ironman3, 


You have to wait and go after Oct 1st. Since your H1-B petition start at that time only. 


Thank You,


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Guys Thanks for the suggestions :) appreciate it.


As I have done some research, and got to know that we can go for visa stamping 3 months before the start date i.e if H1 starting on OCT 1st can go for stamping on or after JULY 1st, and that person is eligible to enter US jus before 10 days prior to the H1 start date that is some time after sep 20th.


And this theory will work for the people outside the US who are going to come on H1.


I didn't get any information on OPT people who are currently in US trying to get stamping.....before oct 1st.


Appreciate your advices.



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