H1B Renewal for short terms


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  I have to apply for my H1B Extension this October.This is my 2nd extension.Earlier I am on L1 Visa for 8 months and moved to H1 with other company and got 2 years of H1B validity till oct 2012.I moved to New client during Jun 2012 and applied for my 1st H1B extension.I got my 1st H1B extension for 1 year as my client can renew my contract only 3 months everytime as per company rules and cannot provide client letter.

  Now again I am in the same boat for this year 2nd H1B extension.I am with same client and they cannot provide client letter(But as earlier they can write email saying contract extend 3 months or the company cannot provide client letter in email).I am tried of getting this year to year extension.What kind of documentation should I provide to get longer visa.I like working with this client but my visa renewal process is troubling me.

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