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I am a permanent resident and I got my GC in Nov 2009. I plan to apply for citizenship on completing five years on GC (Nov 2014). My fiancée is an Indian citizen on a H1B visa expiring in Sep 2014. We are planning to get married and our questions are:

a) What is the process for getting a GC for the spouse of a GC holder? How much time does each step take? Is there a waiting period for AOS similar to a employment-based GC?

b) What is the process for getting citizenship and how long does it take?

c) Is it better to apply for GC for spouse now or wait until the citizenship process is completed? For GC for spouse, does it matter if the spouse is on H1B or on B1 or not in the US?


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GC spouses must wait for a visa number. File now and upgrade when you become a citizen since she will likely still be in the queue.  She must remain in legal status.


Remember you can squeeze out more H1B time by recapturing vacation time outside the US.

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