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My wife is in the process of getting her PERM filed.

Her Sixth year of H1-B is starting on oct1st 2013.

She was constantly behind her employer for over 8 months to get the process started but they were not giving her much info and were keeping quiet. I know most companies do this and file PERM as late as possible. ( happened with my PERM as well).

Finally today, they said that they moved to new immigration attorney firm and they said that they will start the process soon.

Since there are only 4 months before the start of 6th year, does anyone know how long is the Prevailing wage determination taking current?

the icert DOL site shows that the site was last updated on 3/26 , over 2 months ago.

NPWC Processing Times (as of 03/26/2013)

any latest information on PWD is appreciated.

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