I-130 (He or she arrived as)

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I have a pending GC in EB3 and I have been travelling outside US using Advance Parole. With the present situation, if feels like it will take another 10 years before I get my GC.

So want to start an alternative process using my wife's immigrant status. She will become citizen next year but but I want to start the process now and apply for I-130. The questions I have is:

Section C:

Question 14: If you relative is currently in US, please complete the following:

He or She arrived as a:

What should I enter here?

Should I enter "Advance Parole"? because that what I used to enter last time. If I do that then will it raise question on USCIS side, as to why I am applying again when I have another GC pending...

Please guide..



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Your Priority Date is not current and you have a I-485 approved and have Advance Parole. I thought you get Advance Parole only if your Priority Date is current.


OP must have filed during the June of 2007 when the dates became current. He has nowhere mentioned that his I-485 has been approved.


Anways for OP...you are good to go...no worries here...you can mention AP...it wont raise a flag with USCIS.

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