Question: Public Parking Garage near USCIS Field Office in Chicago?


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Hello All,

I have my interview for US Citizenship and Naturalization at the USCIS Field Office in Chicago. The place where I need to report for my interview is:

The USCIS Chicago Field Office at:

101 West Congress Parkway

Chicago, IL 60605.

If any of you have travelled to this place for your interview, could you please let me know where you parked your car. I would like to park my car at a parking garage that is not far away from the USCIS Field Office (I cannot always be sure that I'll get a place to park at a metered parking lot that is usually on the street). I understand that there are public parking places that are available. However, there is no indication where they are relative to the Field Office.

It would be a great help if any of you could offer me pointers.



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