Visa approved on June 4th in Vancouver


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Thank you so much for Murthy Forum and for all who shared their experiences earlier.

this is how my interview went...

VO: Good Morning

me: Good Morning

VO: Are you working for *** employer? So, what do you do for him?

Me: Yes, I work for *** employer, I work for end client ***, and I expalined my resposiblities

VO: Where is the client location?

Me: Told the the exact loation

VO:From how many years you are working with client?

Me: 3 years

VO: From how many years for your present employer?

Me: 8 months

VO: Why did you change your employes

Me: One of my friend is working for same employer and he suggested me, for better benfits

VO: Where is your last Visa stamping?

Me: India

VO: Your visa approved........

Tips: Be confident, formal and smiling....

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