Labor revoked after 6 Years when I-140 was approved


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My GC processing was started in EB3 category and got I-140 approved 3 Years back and this year employer filed for H1B extension after 6 year (already completed 6 years on H1B) & I got 3 year extension. While filing my PERM, company lawyer did not give the advertisement but still my PERM and I-140 was approved. Now USCIS found that advertisement was not given. I don't know the consequences yet. I am still with same company. I have following questions:

1) What will be the impact on my PERM and I-140 because of failure to give advertisement?

2) Will this impact my approved H1B extension?

3) If filed in EB3 again will priority date remain same as before and can it be in premium processing?

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