Need Suggestion about H1b


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Currently I am OPT STEM Extension. Till now I am working on consulting job. I got a fulltime job. But a problem is company is not e-verified and they don't want to enroll in that process.

So for time being they are planning to put one layer between us. So I will be working as a contractor till they file my H1 next year and then I will be a fulltime employer with that firm. I would like to know that is it possible?

So my question is that is it possible to file my H1 directly through client? I am confused because my payroll and my paper work will be generated by a middle layer (my employer)? So can my client directly file my H1? If yes then does it create any problem and what are the chances to get rejection on that situation?


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I would be suspicious of a company that is reluctant to e-verify. It is not a big deal for a legitimate organization; it protects workers from those who would have false documents. I can only suspect that the company does not want to look too hard to see if a worker is legal.

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You have to be working directly for your H1b employer and you need to payed by the H1b holding company. Multi layer consulting can attract a lot of other issues as well. seek legal advise before trying to work around the system. work around and short cuts leads to more trouble

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Thanks everyone for your feedback.

@ YankeeDoodle: I am not sure what is that company up to? What I know is it is international company. They have 10-12 branch here in USA and then in 6-7 branch outside USA like Europe, Asia.... I would like to know more in detail explanation from yourside like how the company should be suspicious?

@t75: There is only one layer my employer and then directly client. Client want to hire me directly as a fulltime employee but they are not e-verified and they don't want to enroll in it so they want to put one layer between me and them till they file my H1 next year. Please let me know if you can provide more input on that.

@Veera1: Thanks Veera.

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