Consulate Requesting to submit New DS-160


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I originally submitted my documents for H1B Visa stamping using the Drop box in chennai VFS. After 10 days i received a 221g requesting to submit a new passport as the lamination was peeling off.

I applied for a new passport and submitted it to the VFS office on June 3. 2013. I later received a call today from the chennai consulate that they had issues with accessing the DS-160 form used to submit the documents through drop box due to technical issues and requested to submit a new DS-160 form.

However i was able to pull my old DS-160 from the website and use it to submit a new one, not sure what kind of technical difficulties consulate was having.

Did any one face a similar issue and do you know how long does it take to get the visa stamped once the new DS-160 confirmation page is sent to consulate assuming no additional documents are required


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i filled a new DS-160 and submitted it to the nearest VFS and it has been more than 2 business working days and the documents has not been sent to the consulate. Called VFS and have sumitted an Expedited case to find out why the document status still shows as "In transit to post"

Not sure how long VFS will take to track the document , did any one have similar experience with VFS

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