I got 221G in Vancouver on 3rd June ...Sad


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I received 221G after the interview today (3rd June). I was asked following questions:

Me: Good morning

VO: Is xx your employer?

Me: Yes

VO: How long you been working with your employer?

Me: 18.5 months

VO: Can I see your passport and I797

ME: handed over.

VO: Do you have an end client?

ME: Yes

VO: Who is your end client?

Me: told

VO: How long you been working for end client?

Me: 14 months

VO: where is it located?

ME: answered

VO: What is your highest level of education?

ME: Masters from US

VO: Does your employer pay you on time?

Me: Yes. Twice a month

VO: Can I see your W2 and Pay stubs?

ME: Handed over 1yr payroll and 1yr W2

VO: Can I see your client letter?

ME: Handed over my client letter

All this time she has been typing and reading in computer. Then she told me to wait and went inside for 5-6 minutes. She came back and told me that at this time we can not make a decision and handed me a 221G white paper. She told me that we will inform you in 1-2 weeks. She kept my original passport, I797 LCA. She also told me that if I decide to go to india in this time, I can send email to receive passport. Nothing was asked in 221G in specific. I am worried. I thought my case was clean. But, I remember that she was reading someting from the very beginning on the screen.

1. Did they usually ask what document is needed in the 221G

2. Has anyone else received 221G from Vancouver?

Please advise what to do. I don't feel good since my interview is over.

Thank you


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may be they want to verify some details about your employer. Check whether there are any employees recently went to stamping from your company.

As they have your I-797 and passport i believe they might approve your Visa.

But still as we doesnt know the reason need to wait


wish you good luck friend.

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Hi DK_DK.,

I guess you were issued 221G in counter 4.

Do you have any Payroll issues or any W2 Related problem. did she ask to provide any additional documents.

if they did not ask any documents then they will do a client verification and Employer verification. it might take 2 weeks or less.

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@ Shiva64

Yes, I went to Counter #4. I have no payroll and W2 issues. VO kept, Passport, W2 of 2012, 1 year pay stubs, client letter and I797.

VO handed me a 221G A4 size paper in white color. I am wondering if this is something called white slip.

I am sure VO was reading about me on screen while interviewing. There was some information on her screen already about me.

Lets see what happens.

I wonder if anyone received any different color A4 size 221G at Vancouver. She asked me about client location in the interview. However, she did not really carefully read my client letter it seems.

Note: I had a query in my H1B petition which got approved in last December. May be it is something related to that they have this information. Not sure, fingers crossed. They will ask me to submit more information it seems in a week or so. Until I hear from them I am a bit nervous about this.

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