Expired F1 Visa to H1b Visa stamping in Canada


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Can anyone tell me if I can go to Canada for my First H1B stamping on Expired F1B Stamped Visa.

My F1b Stamped visa is expiring on 14/July/2013

I am on OPT - Extension....I have vaild I-20 till 2014.

My company applied for my H1b this year and it got approved.

But I am not getting Interview Dates Before 14th july.

I am getting dates after 28th july to 28 august.

I have visitor visa to Canada

Never been out of status

Please help me out...Please i am requesting you.

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Thanks Veera1 and omshiv.

Please help me one more time.

also if you guys can give me your contact information then it will great, i promise i will not distub you.

1) If i go to canada on expired visa and then if they approved my application than ....can i come on my vaild -I20 to USA?Becoz i will going to use that h1b from oct.

2) One more thing : my new job with the company who applied wil going to start from oct ,.....so is it ok to go and get stamp right now?or i should go in oct?

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