H1B Visa Stamp at Ottawa,Canada - July 2013


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I am planning to go Canada for my Visa Stamping in July 2013 at Ottawa location.

Here is my case :

I came in USA in the Aug-2007 with Five year USA Visa and completed my study in May 2010. I worked during my OPT period then my employer filed my H1B April 2012 and it is approved in the April 2012 with 1 year validity (1,October 2012 – 30,September 2013). Same employer applied my H1B extension and H1B extension is approved for 3 year (1, October 2013 to 30, September 2016). I am working as a Consultant and i have been working with Same Client since my H1B started.

Now, I am planning go Canada for my Visa Stamping in July 2013.

Here is my questions:

1. Should I go Canada for my Visa stamping in July 2013 or should I need to wait until my next H1B extension start (October)?

2. If I go Canada in July 2013 should I get visa stamp till September 2016(Expiration date for H1B Extension) or i will get visa stamp till 30,September 2013 (First H1B end date)?

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You can apply for extension even before the current period ends.

As long as you give the current information in the DS 160 - the new I-94 number etc you will be fine.

At least that is what i did. I had no problems at the interview. My extension was from sep 2013 to sept 2016. I went with this in June (last week) and there was no problem.

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