Adopt a Baby from India - EAD status Parents


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Hi Everyone,

Good Morning!

Need your Suggestion, if have an idea!

We have decided to adopt a baby from our home country India and currently we are on EAD (I-485 Pending) Status.

We have following questions:

1. Are we eligible to adopt from India on this status?

2. If so, Do we need to get the permission from the USCIS?

3. Are we considered as Permanent Residents (Sorry for the Question, just urging for confirmation)

There are so many questions in our mind. We wanted to start this process as soon as we can. Hence any information or any references are appreciated.

Thank You for your time.



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I understand this is an older topic but we are venturing into adopting from India and read  your post.


Did you proceed further with the attorney's and can you throw some light if you are still pursuing this option?




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I am also planning to pursue a process of adoption. I have read all the responses and am seeing it is a complicated process. I plan to consult an attorney shortly but I was curious to know if you had followed up on this proces or heard back from prashantichaitanya.


Thanks much for any response you can provide!

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