I-140 calcellation


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I had my Green Card appl filed in EB3 in 2008 through my earlier employer. Subsequently I changed jobs and got my Green Card Application moved to EB2 categorty through my current employer and got my priority date as 2008 based the green card application filed by my 1st employer..

I am thinking of moving again. This issue is, my current employer has a policy of cancelling the I-140 once I quit.

The I-140 from my 1st employer is still valid and they will not be cancelling it.

My question is, since I have a new I-140 approved through my current employer, will it automatically cancel my i-140 from my 1st employer. If I change my jobs, can I still use the I-140 approved though my 1st employer, to get the same priority date (2008).

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