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I am Working in US with H1B Visa. H1B Visa expired on May 4th 2013. I got My H1B visa extension valid till May 4th 2015. I have my original I797 with me. When i was trying to renew my Driving License with the new I797 The DMV center representative told me that they need some additional Information from Home land securiy. It would take 30 Business Days. I waited till 30 business days but still i havent heard back anything from Homeland security. When i keep on try contacting the Customer Care of PennDott they were telling me that still they havent heared from INS(Immigration Naturalisation service). Now My Driving License got expired and i am not able drive.

Could you please help me out how to renew my driving License . I am currently Located in Pennsylvania.

I am not sure what additional Information is required from Home land security or INS.

Your help is greatly appreciated

Thank you

Nallaperumal Sekar

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PA is tough in issuing DL to immigrants. They need to verify your immigration status with the dept. of homeland security. They have an access to their website where they can see your immigration status using your I-94 number. Immigration services takes a while to update your new immigration status in their database and unless they update in their website, penndott will NOT issue/renew your DL.

I had the similar issues with penndott when I had my COS from H4 to H1 but it was not updated in the homeland security website. website was showing my status as H4 (with expiry soon) for many months. I had no option but to wait for few months and to go back and forth to local DMV. In my case I had valid NY license so I was able to drive. I also tried calling USCIS, ended up going to local USCIS field office but no help was provided. I also got the letter from my immigration attorney but again no positive results.

Just keep calling penndott and ask for the supervisor. Explain the situation and request them to contact immigration services on your behalf. Its a pain in the neck but you have no options here. GL

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