H-1B Stamping at Ottawa - 221g(Adm Processing) issued. No docs asked.


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Attended the visa interview on May 1, 2013. Previous visa with ex-employer had expired in 2011. Between, then and now, I have had two I-797 approvals with my current employer and an I-140 approval. The VO just checked both approved I-797's with the current employer, asked me where I studied (told her my US university name and that I completed my Master's there) and my job title (I am a FTE and our client is a BIG multinational company and I have been doing the same thing since I joined the current employer). The officer told me that all my paperwork looks good but they need to get some processing done and handed me a 221g blue form with Further Administrative processing checked on it. Returned my I-797's and passport and told me that this will take a couple of weeks to a month and they'll e-mail me when I they need my passport back.

Anyone in a similar situation or has experienced something like this before? Any estimates for the timeframe on how long these types of cases take to get resolved in Ottawa/Canada. PLEASE REPLY.. This wait is killing me..

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