H1B visa got approved at Vancouver on 28th May


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Hi All,

I have my appointment at 10 AM and I entered the security check with all the docs in a back pack at 8:30 AM, they do not allow back packs inside, so had to put it in my car back at parking garage. So went back to the security with all files by hand by 8:45 AM

Cleared the security check by 9 AM and finger prints by 9:20 AM. Waited for my number to be called (displayed on LCD), my number got called by 9:50 AM, they they took me to the 20th floor. I was just sitting behind counter 4, The lady officer was interviewing another Indian guy, but finally gave 221g for admin processing, then I thought it would be great if I do not get this No.4 counter. But I have been called for the same No.4, then I prepared myself to address all questions with all possible proofs. so I was just arranging my files on the counter in an order.

VO: Hello

me: Hello Mam, good morning

VO: Can you give me your passport, DS160 and I-797

me: did so

VO: What do you do for your xxxx employer?

me: answered I am working as a xxxxx xxx at one of the client location

VO: Who is the client

me: answered

VO: How long do you work for the client?

me: answered vi ears

VO: When did you join your employer

me: answered

VO: Why did you change ur employer?

me: my project with old emplyer got ended and my current employer got a new project with same client

VO: How did you know your current employer got a new project?

me: There is a Vendor who has agreements with my previous and current employer and they informed me about new project with same client to work through my current employer

VO: Have you applied for a Perm resident?

me: answered

VO: your visa got approved, you can collect your passport at (given the sheet for details), which is a twist without even asking a single document.

I met one more Indian guy after the interview, he also went to the same counter 4 and he got the visa too, this is 2nd H1 for both of us. So do not set your mind based on the interview ahead of you and be confident to give your answers.

ALL the best guyz!!!

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Even I had an interview on May 28th with the same lady officer (Counter 4).

1. what do I do? told her my field

2. Previous employers? told her..no documents asked

3. Where did I study? told her...no documents asked

4. Where do I work? I told I work at client location in California. but my employer is American Unit Inc. in Dallas

5. What is your Salary? Gave real number. LCA had different amount.

6. Do you have a client letter? Yes..she saw it. (Client letter is not necessary...if you dont have it you can present an email from your client saying they dont provide one)

Your visa is approved. You will receive your passport in 3-5 business days.

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Hi Guys,

First of all, Thanks to Murthy forum.

I had the interview on the same day as Venkat. I went to Counter 6 and below are the questions.

1) What is your role

2) What does your employer do?

3) Do you have end client?

4) who is it?

5) How long do you expect to be there? - Its a long term project but they will extend for every 6 months.

6) Can I see your client letter -- My client do not provide with client letter but I do have an email from my employer saying the same. So I told the same and said I have an email from my HR. VO asked me to show that and I showed him.

7 ) VO asked for W2 and LCA

VO took passport and I797 & Then said your visa is approved.

PS: When I checked my visa status online after it is approved, it showed as admin processing until 1 day. It was the same case with other guy too. After that it updated to "issues" status.

Also, you can take bottle of water, wallet, etc into the consulate without any issues.

Good luck guys...

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I had an interview on May 28th and had visa issued. I received email on May 31st night (Friday) to pick up my passport. I picked it up on June 3rd (Monday) afternoon.

I had to wait the longest. Everyone else picked it up in 2 business days.

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