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When regular process is upgraded to premium. Do we see any changes saying premium process on case status in USCIS site. Because on my case status they just updated saying “On May 22, 2013, we received this I129 PETITION FOR A NONIMMIGRANT WORKER and we e-mailed you a notice describing how we will process your case. ……”. But havent mentioned anything regarding premium process icon_sad.gif . Before it was in initial review status but now its in acceptance status. Is this normal only or any issue??

I got my premium process notice saying received date as 21st May. So clock starts on 21st may itself only rite?


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Generally, the premium processing clock begins when the petition is receipted by USCIS and is indicated by the receipt date on the receipt notice. The USCIS online case status is not always accurate and should not be relied on as the most up to date case information. Generally, the petitioner or attorney can follow up with USCIS if the petition has been pending beyond the 15 calendar day premium processing timeframe and place a case status inquiry.

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