Need advice on overlapping payroll for short time during my H1B transfer : Urgent


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I am currently with Company A as full time employee and I have got another offer from Company B as full time employee. Company B gave me the start date of June 10, 2013 and I have committed the above date. I can join new company with Fedx confimration number though H1 trasfer is in progress, usually it takes 2-3 months for h1 transfer for non-premium processing. I dont want to miss the oppertunity from company B as the offer is tempting and the they need person urgently.

But my old company wants me to stay there till June 21st for knowledge transfer, etc. So, there might be overlapping payroll for period of 2 weeks. I can manage to work for both of them for these two weeks.

1) Is it OK to have overlapping payroll while my H1B transfer is in progress?

2) Will it be an issue when I apply for my Green Card (I-140, I-485 or EAD) process?


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