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I have recently received speeding ticket in Oregon driving 76 on 65. I have California license and my car is oregon license plate registered. I was given a speeding ticket with offense # 811.111 and a presumptive fine of $260. I have given options to either pay the presumptive amount without any plea(and court may decide to fine less) or either appear in court with not guilty option. the ticket has two options, crime and violation but only violation was checked and type as "Traffic".

I tried researching this forum and wanted to make sure if it would impact anything for my immigration record. I got h1b renewed approval last week. my gc status is i140 approved.

this is my first ticket and want to keep my record clean and was also thinking of fighting the case. do you have any suggestions or experiences. if after fighting with court, the court decided against my favor, do i have to report it in my h1b visa stamping? my research says no but i would appreciate if you confirm. thank you

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A single speeding ticket would generally not cause a problem in obtaining a nonimmigrant visa or a green card.

That being said, my general recommendation for people who get speeding tickets is to hire one of those ticket attorneys. They usually charge around $100, and you may still have to pay a fine, but they usually seem to be able to get the points off of your license.

That being said, the rules vary from state to state, so you should check with someone who specializes in this area of law in Oregon. (Chances are you're about to start getting postcards and letters from dozens of these attorneys, who get the ticket records from the state and then advertise to prospective clients.)

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