I-134 Question for Parents Visitor Visa


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I am currently on Adjustment of Status. My I-485 application is pending and I am currently working on EAD. My I-94 (on H1B) is already expired. I am filling form I-134 Affidavit of Support for my parents visitors visa and I am confused with my legal status in Question 1 as which option is applicable for my situation. The first three options (a,b,c) are for US Citizens. Option d is for Lawful Permanent residents. The last option (d) is for non-immmigrants to enter I-94 number. Since I am on AOS, which option should I be selecting? I think I should be selecting Option d but what should I be writing as for my I-94 number as in my case it is already expired since I am on Adjustment of Status (AOS). Should I just write "Adjustment of Status" under option d without mentioning anything about I-94 number? Please help!!

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