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Dear team,

My last entry to US is through L1B extension ( had stamping in passport ). Got approved I797 from USCIS for status change from L1B to F1 ( But not stamped in pass port as F1 student because Its a status change and I am already in US) with end date as D/S.

I have completed my masters and I am doing contract job through F1 OPT EAD and it will expire in May 1st 2014

Consulting organization won't file for April 2014 filing. I have to find full time and sponsor ready company prior to April 2014 ( Since my OPT Ends around then)

Having said about my situation, I have below questions. suppose if I have to go for siblings marriage in India.

Am I eligible to seek stamping in passport ( via US Consulate)during my possible visit to India while I am in Student EAD status

If I seek stamping in my passport ( via US Consulate during my future india visit ) , what kind of status would that be offered ? F1 or F1 EAD ? What would be end date in passport stamping ?

What is the probability if me getting stamped for any of the above mentioned visa ?

Please ask any questions if above statement and query has confusion around it ?

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Dear Pontevecchio,

Thanks for the reply, I do see the complexity in my case. I am looking for any options or rules in process that helps me to F1 stamping while i am in OPT period.

  • Is there any one example in the past, He/She granted F1 stamping while they are in OPT period ?

  • Suppose if I get full time offer letter and started working, would that give opportunity of getting stamped as F1 ( so that I can make status change suppose i get H1B approved in next year quota ) ?

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Its a lottery in many cases. Say you are studied in MIT your chances are better. Having said that your siblings get married only once...hopefully and you are letting a job come in the way of attending the wedding. They may ask why this OPT should be considered beneficial to your career when you have already reached some status presumably to mandate getting sent here in L1 status in the past. What is your Degree in?

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