intent to revoke H1B, action plan needed and an attorney


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I received a notice of intent to revoke with May 29th is the date I have been given to respond by.

I have been on a H1B the past 5 years.

I own the business that holds the H1B.

The business has 36 employees with 10 million in annual sales.

In the notice it cites I cannot be the employer and employee. My attorney told me before we filed the H1B that this wasnt the case before but its clear it is.

I understand now that our attorney should have had me on a different visa but I need to know what to do about the letter. My attorney wants to ignore it, have me return to Canada and re-enter with a E2.

My concern is the H1B will be revoked and I risk getting barred in the future.

My attorney has never seen an intent to revoke letter or handled one.

I called several attorneys today that specialze in immigration cases and no one has seen a case similar.

I need to find an attorney and also need to understand do I need to leave the country immediately, give up the H1B etc. And what is the risk of getting barred from the US?


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that is a succesfull business you are running -

however, it is beyond my comprhension how you are capable of running it ..

1. you are on murthy forum--can u not 'find' them?

2. if I remember correctly the H1 petition clearly asks whether you have any stake in the sponsoring can one run a business who does not have the habit of reading the paper work before signing it off..

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