L1B to L1A , and H1b together


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I am working for a big Indian IT consulting firm. My L1b(2010-2013) is expiring this year in the month of september. I was earlier told by my HR that no extension will be filed, and I've to return to our India office. I was interested in staying back in US, and I filed my H1 with a very small consulting firm. Luckily I got through the lottery. Now suddenly this month my company's HR told me that they can file my L1a since I was also doing managerial role back in India with the specialized knowledge. They are sounding very positive about getting it.

My questions related to above situation are :

Q 1) Can two COS (Change of status ) applications be applied together. If not, then will USCIS inform my current employer that there is already a COS(L1b to H1b) applied for this candidate.

Q 2) If both the applications are approved before the expiry then will it be on me to decide which status to pick and work on.?..

Hope my questions are clear.

Thanks in advance.

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