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Hi, I am applying online for TRV Canada with DUI record. It came up with a list of the documents that I need to upload. In that list I see Police Certificate. Can anyone please let me know what is this about?

Should I need to get any police certificate that says that I have complied and completed by probation penalties?

I have all the documents related to my case (court deposition, lawyer letter and certificates that I completed the probation). I am wondering should I need to upload them and how to upload them?

It also asking for a document like "Add Letter of Explanation". At this point I am thinking of writing a letter and submit all my case related documents. Can I do that?

Any help would be really appreciated.

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Below are documents that I am submitting but it may vary from case to case. This is just for the understanding purpose I am giving the details.

IMM 5257E

IMM 5645E

IMM 5257B_1 schedule 1 (I applied this because I have DUI record)

Bank statements for 3 months

Paystubs for 3 months

Employment verification letter


Full Passport copy

Police certificate (Because of DUI record)

Letter of explanation (Because of DUI record)

Itenary/Travel document (I have created a word document just explaining that I am visiting Canada)

Invitation letter (Same letter that I have uploaded for Itenary/Travel)

Please do check CIC website for more information.

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