On L1 -> Stayed in India for 10 months -> Now On H1 = How many months/years left?


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I was on L1 from Mar 2008 till Jan end 2011 and I left the US.

L1 was expired then.

Then my employer processed my H1b and I entered the US, mid Dec 2011 under that H1B which is valid till Oct 2014.

How many months or years left out after Oct 2014 for me? Does that 6 year rule still apply, since I took almost 10+ months break outside the US and stay is in different visa?

Please help with your answers.


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Of course the rules apply to you; the rule is 6 years total L1 plus H1B. Your 10 month break is meaningless; it neither takes away from your time nor gives you a new 6 year term.

You need to read the USCIS website for your rights and responsibilities as a guest worker in the US. If you had done so, you would not have posted this question to a forum.

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