Got H1 Reciept waiting for Approval


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My employer A has applied for H1 B 2014 Fiscal year quota. It was a lottery and i got selected and have a reciept number. I am waiting for Approval and the case status is "Initial Review".

I had 2 questions...

1) Can i change employers with this h1 reciept number and apply for a transfer before OCT 1.

2) Can i change employer after h1 is approved and before Oct 1 and apply for transfer.


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1) You can change employer if you are already working on OPT, but a new employer cannot file another H1B until the current petition is approved,

2) Yes; after the approval of current H1B petition, a new employer can file H1B before Oct 1.

General recommendation is not joining the new employer unless their petition/H1B is approved.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Thanks Rahul....but when H1 is approved and if i plan to change my employer before oct 1 is it possible that my Company which filed for h1 application reaches out to USCIS and informed that Applicant is no more with us and we want to revoke his application.

I think they can.

I am not 100% sure how things work if a person changes employer before Oct 1st. All I know is a person can change the employer before oct 1st.

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