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Hello all,

Didn't get a response from "Other Work Visa" thread so re-posting it here so folks who are considering alternatives to the H1B visa lottery can chime in. I am wondering if you can comment on my wife's O1-visa application profile. We haven't heard back on her H1B lottery so are exploring other avenues.

1. She has a PhD in Chem. Engg.

2. Works as a PostDoc at a federal research lab on H1 visa (government institution so cap-exempt)

3. Will transfer over to a fortune 500 company as an engineer (this company will apply for O1)

4. Has a patent, another provisional paent in her name

5. 10 journals, 15 conference presentations, 50 citations

6. Has peer-reviewed for 10 journals

7. Couple of local awards

8. Can get recommendations from internationally acclaimed researchers

Looking forward to your thoughts

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Haa! We'd definitely go for EB-1 if she qualifies for it. I'll consult with an attorney. She got a profile boost just recently with citations and patents so we didn't entertain that option. Thanks for the encouraging responses, omshiv and t75!

Good luck..wish you the best.

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