H1B Visa Stamping in Chennai


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Hi , I am currently on my 7th yr of H1B (3 yrs extn after I-140 Approval). I have been a direct employee for a financial firm the past 5 yrs. I haven't traveled outside the US in these 5 yrs and I would be going to India to attend my sisters marriage in Sep. My last visa stamping was from F1 to H1b in Ottawa, Canada under the E-V-V-C model. I was subjected to admin processing and so, I had to fly from Canada to India and back to Canada after 4 months once the visa got approved. I do have a common muslim name and the visa stamping from 2007 has the annotation: not identifiable with class entries, not sure if this is due to the name check or what it is. So I am contemplating whether to go to Canada or India this time, but the legal / attorney @ my office say its always a better option to go to the home country for visa stamping. What would be best for my scenario as I have already been subjected to admin processing in Canada and what are my chances if I go to India. Your suggestions & feedback is appreciated. Thanks for your time.

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