Administrative processing in calgary on April 30th


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I have been issued 'Administrative processing' in calgary on April 30th. After asking couple of questions, VO said they need some more time to go through my case and issued 'administrative processing' and also told i will get an updated email from loomis once they are done with the 'administrative processing'.

I have no idea how many days it will take and also whether they will issue the VISA or not. Does any body faced similar kind of situations?

Please reply me if anybody faced that kind of situation. If anybody got stuck in the calgary for the same reason, please let me know we could meet up and discuss about the updates.


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could you mention what questions VO asked?

VO asked most general questions only, like

1. Are you going to work with the same client after you return to US?

2. Who is your employer?

3. How do you report to your employer?

4. Does your employer treats you well?

5. What is your client and what do they do?

6. Where it is located?

7. What is the highest degree that you have?

8. Which university you have done your masters?

9. Where it is located?

10. What's your roles and responsibilities at client side?

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