Can i give up australia pr for h1b?

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i am working for a major indian company from the past nine years. I worked onsite in US for three years. I recently got Australian PR. My company is planning to do non cap h1b next year. I am planning to transfer my h1b to a full time client after going to US. How long will it take to get eb3 green card after the immigration bill is passed? I am very confused whether to go Australia or US. Please give me some suggestions.

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There is a saying, do not count the eggs before they are hatched, I think you are in that situation now.

If I were you I'll go to Australia and not worry about the mirage of getting EB3 GC in US anytime soon.

And when the CIR is passed then you can still apply for GC from Aus and get here if that is what you really really want at that point.

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I think merit based green cards will be in effect with in five years. For getting green card in that category, length of residence in US and employment in US counts. I will complete remaining three years h1b in US. After that, i will go to Australia. My australia visa is valid for five years. is it a good idea?

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