Can I cancel spouse's EAD/AP before divorce?

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my marriage is on the verge of divorce. Divorce is not filed yet.

we've i-140 approved and i-485 pending, have EAD/AP for both of us, i'm the principal applicant.

can I cancel/revoke spouse's EAD/AP since our marriage is about to end? what's the process to revoke spouse's EAD/AP (or i-485)?

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So, you want to stop your future ex-wife from working and supporting herself? The US legal system has two words for people like you - spousal support. She should totally file for it.

That was a good one. After reading this he won't think of cancelling her EAD now.

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How do you know its future ex-wife and not future ex-husband?

Spousal support works both ways, i.e., it is also possible for a male to get spousal support from an ex-wife.

Lately, senior posters are being too much judgmental.

Lately, people don't think things through...

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you are right. People come here for immigration advice and they would be well served if that is what they get and not more.

The OP very obviously didn't come here for immigration advice. He came here for advice for revenge.

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my husband and I are separated about a month and I want to know how he can cancel my I-485 application without my knowledge. He is very smart from beginning he didnot even file for my EAD bluffing me saying PD date will be current anytime soon. i am on H1b. The fact is he does not want to apply.

EB2 India has not been moving since long time.

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