May 3rd -Visa approved 20sec Vancouver


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Guys ,

My visa experience EVC model

VO: Good Mrng

ME : Good Mrng , Hw are U

VO: Good , How long you been working with your employer?

ME: XX months

VO: Highest Degree ?

ME: Told

Vo: Where do you live ? and Client Name?

Me : told

VO: typing something and said your visa approved with a smiling face :)

4 Questions .... all done in 20 seconds. Please feel free to contact me for any kinda information i will try my best to provide you.

If any one here want to join me for drinks please let me know I kinda roaming around downtown with my friend ...

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Visa Approved on 3rd May.

Counter 5:

VO: Hi, How are you?

Me: Good, how about you?

VO: Good, Thanks, How long you been working with this employer?

Me: Since, 2007

VO: Can I see your 2009-2012 petition

Me: Given and then VO: OK Thanks,...

VO: Can I see your W2 2011 and 2012

Me: Given and then VO: Ok thanks

VO: Can I see your Pay Stubs?

Me: Shown, OK

VO: What do you do for your company?

Me: All standard IT operations answers

VO: Can I see your latest LCA

Me: Shown, all ok

Within 2-3 minutes, he said your Visa is Approved and handed over me a sheet to check the status and delivery status. He said it will take 2-3 days.

I am checking on this but the status is not shown here....

Teluguboy, if you see the status changed for you then let me know.

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I checked it again. From Friday until today is the 3rd day. So, ideally website should have been updated. But, due to Weekend, it may have been delayed.

I think, we should expect something by end of the day today.

Lets keep each other updated, if there is any changed in status for anybody.

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