"I am approving your visa" :)


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Case history: L1b -> H1b (COS) Oct 2012.

Stamping location : Delhi

Date: 04/29/2013.

Work Model: EC

Experience: I booked very first slot 8AM, for that day, but to my surprise so did lot of ppl. I reached around 7:30AM, by that time thr was 100+ crowd already thr. Security asked us to form line 10 min before (7:50AM). I was the first one, atleast for H1b slot. Here is how my interview went.

MySelf: Good morning.

VO:Good morning.

VO: Since how long you are working for *****

MySelf:* years

VO: US work location

MySelf: *******, **

VO: Since how long at that location

MySelf: * years

VO: US salary

MySelf: $**,***

VO: I am approving your visa,....

MySef: thanks.

I was out in 10 min. Collected my passport next day.

no supporting documents were asked. No client letter.

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